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This reminds me of the dancing skeletonsfrom an early walt disney movie ... This has the wauw effect and its easy to draw! The making of a Scary Skeleton in 4 steps
The pink cat can be changed into what ever color u like - so far I have made a purple, black and orange version.
See the 4 steps
Black Cat...I sometimes add nail decoration "gem stones" as a sparkling touch...they clue easily but use kid friendly clue and not super clue or the like!
See the 4 steps
The white rabbit are suitable for smaller kids too. They normally dont like too heavhy make-up so do only the nose and mouth part and maybe the outline of the bushy eyebrows! See the 4 steps Rainbow Color Butterfly...girlish butterfly..This is half-face cover and also great for smaller kids, but then avoid the eye area.!
See the 4 steps
Special Products that fits all the different designs & pocket!:
Will you be doing face paint a lot - then buy quality + quantity...but if not then a kit from snazaroo might be for you...

My name is Netta Wagner

First of all mother to 3 girls, the 2 big ones gladly let me "use" their faces for various ideas...
the 3rd one is still skeptic - she is only 4 so their is still hope!

I am a freelance graphic designer & illustrator... born in Denmark.
I love color, newly baked bread, rain (danish speciality!), sunshine, the sea, friends, sparkling water, zero cola and face painting...this place is dedicated to the latest... SEE ALL in 4 easy steps do it yourself!

Except for the colors the price tag for each outfit is small...you invest once in a good quality face color and the imagination is the limit (not money)

Often I find the ready made costumes boring and too expensive! not to mention the amount of waste...So this is my alternative choice...for a better world and do-it-yourself concept!

How to in 4 steps:






Butterfly 2

Black Cat



Blue Sky

Skeleton 2




All the photoes and graphics on this site belongs to me...if you would like to borrow for personal use - then ask nicely ;o)
If you need professional photoes of kids & carnival I recommend you have a look in this special collection: